McDonald’s Menu: A Healthier Diet Plan

In most cases we tend to have very busy lifestyles to the extent that we do not take to account our health, that is where McDonald’s comes in, they provide you with numerous healthy eating habits by ensuring that you are having a healthy diet plan that augurs well with your busy schedule designing their McDonald’s menu accordingly. This joint offers healthy eating options that guarantee you low fat and low cholesterol content. A close analysis on their menus reveals tangible nutritional information. They enable you to make informed decisions so that you are living a healthier lifestyle.

They take in to account of the fact that high fat and calorie take leads to clogging of the arteries. This is caused by the fat that is usually available in the food content. They work round the clock to moderate this. The health status of their client is prioritized.

McDonald’s has a number of healthy offers on their menu that will guarantee a healthyier you. You are loaded with a number of options that will go a long to ensure that you are having a healthy diet plan. You are bombarded with a wide variety of options to choose from. Top in the list is the Premium Grilled chicken classic sandwich that has a saturated fat content of 2g and calories amounting to 420.

Second in the McDonald’s menu is the chicken McNugget a 4 piece that has a saturated fat content of 2g and calorie content amounting to 170. Then they have the Fruit Walnut salad. This is a 2g fat content and a calorie content of 310. This is a higher considering that there other options with a lower fat content

They also have the Caesar that has no chicken. It has a fat content of 3 grams and a calorie content that amounts to 90. One should also be aware that dressings in most cases have fats. The best dressing that will guarantee you a healthy diet plan for a healthyier you is the Newman’s own cob dressing.

For a healthier diet plan McDonald’s also Caesar that comes with grilled chicken. This has an amount of scheduled fat content amounting to 3grams and calorie content that comes to 220. Not to mention their healthy chicken McNuggets that is 6 piece and has a scheduled fat content of 3grams and calories that add up to 250. Then there is the premium spicy and yummy chicken sandwich that has sandwich. This has a scheduled fat content of 510 calories, which is a bit higher. They should be your place of choice.Source by Mac Lee

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