How to create an intro for your YouTube channel

How to create an intro for your YouTube channel:

So you want to start a YouTube channel and produce professional looking content for an audience and you’re missing an intro for your videos. Maybe you aren’t the best at motion design or using video editing programs. Well, there are many options on the web that will build and create a free intro for you. Some of these methods like using a template may require a little knowledge of an editing program, but most are accompanied with a tutorial.

Free Intro Online Creators:

There are many online YouTube intro creators to make creating an intro for your YouTube channel a user friendly process. Though these sites may limit how you can change the intro to fit your style. Take a look at, they offer great quality free intros. They aren’t just cookie cutter templates either and have a great level of customizability. There are many more sites on google that provide intro creation solutions, you just have to look! Select a YouTube intro that fits your needs and will represent your brand.
Intro Templates:

Most people will agree that using a pre-made intro template is the way to go when creating an intro. It’s easy and looks the most professional out of all of the other options. Many YouTuber’s use templates to create good-looking intros for their videos. Though, an editing software might be required to customize the template. The programs most commonly used are Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas, and Blender. Some of the best template provider sites are EditorsDepot, VideoHive (Envato), and Video Blocks. Check these sites out to select and download a YouTube intro template. You should have no problem modifying the template to make it say what you want it to say. These sites should provide you with a detailed tutorial to modify the template to fit your needs.

Paid vs. Free:

Most intro templates are free, though there are exceptions for the more “premium” templates. Also many of the templates may only be offered through a content marketplace like Envato, making it so the templates are paid products. There are many free solutions out there, and YouTube is one of the best places for finding free intro templates. Motion designers will often upload a video of what the template looks like, and then place a download link for the YouTube intro in the video’s description. Here is a mashup video containing many intro templates, if you are interested in downloading one the link will be in the video’s description box!

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