Healthy Diet Plans – Comparisons

I am sure it comes as no surprise to you that many of us are packing a few more pounds than we should. Putting together a healthy diet plan is a priority for most of us. Doing an internet search for a good weight loss program will return millions of results but who has time to sift through them all?

Although a new fad diet or quick-weight-loss-pill clamors for our attention nearly every day, the principles of healthy weight loss have not changed in decades:

Eat a well-balanced diet where most of the calories are derived from whole grains, vegetables and fruits.

Eat fewer calories than you expend.

Exercise moderately every day.

Learn to eat that way as a lifestyle and you will lose weight-and keep it off!

Whether you choose the Atkins Diet, the Mediterranean Diet, the Mayo Clinic, the South Beach or whatever the diet du jour is today, they will all include the principles mentioned. The only real difference is in what is emphasized.

The Atkins, South Beach and several other diets tout the benefits of ‘low carbohydrates’ take. What they’re really saying is to avoid breads and other starchy foods and to get the essential carbohydrates your body needs from vegetables instead.

Which, of course, is the same thing the American Heart Association, the American Diabetes Association, the US Department of Agriculture and others have been advising all along.

All these nutrition advisors want you to eat about 2 1/2 cups of vegetables every day and only eat till you’re not hungry anymore. I’ve got news for you: If you eat 2 1/2 cups of vegetables, you’re not going to be very hungry anymore. So your calorie intake from whatever you try to eat on top of those vegetables is going to be naturally restricted. Add a little moderate exercise and ‘Voila!’, You’ll lose weight. Keep it up and you’ve switched to a healthy lifestyle that will keep the weight off.

So do not get cooked up in whatever diet guru is shouting at you today. In the end, they all agree on the basic principles. It boils down to this: Eat Less, Move More, Rinse and Repeat Daily.
Source by Paul Buckley

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